Soup: Moroccan Vegetable Soup   4

Sandwiches and Wraps (served with chips)

Porchetta: roasted pork belly and pork loin, basil, smoked paprika fennel aioli, asiago, arugula. 10

Cuban:  pulled pork, ham, provolone, habanero lime aioli. pickles, pepperoncinis, arugula, tomatoes. 10

Lomito: grilled eyeround of beef, ham, provolone, chimichuri, arugula, tomatoes, fried egg. 11*

Thai Wrap: chicken or tofu, rice noodle salad, thai peanut sauce, tomatoes, tamari dressing. 8

Korean Style BBQ Pork Burrito: Korean pulled pork, rice, kimchi, salsa, sour cream, edamame, arugula. 9

Quinoa Caprese Wrap: sundried tomato and roasted garlic quinoa salad, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, arugula, balsamic reduction. 9

Tuna Burger: ground ahi tuna, pickled daikon, wasabi aioli, smashed avocado, tomatoes, sprouts. 10

Bibimbap Burger: spiced beef beef burger, kimchi, asiago, arugula, tomatoes, sriracha aioli, fried egg. Served with fries.  13 *

 Tacos: Choose: Chicken, Pork  (3.50)

             Grilled Mahi or Tempeh (4.00)

Corn tortilla, cheese, sriracha slaw, salsa, avocado cream, sour cream, green onion.


Brussel Sprouts: flash fried with Sambal and Honey.  6





Thai Bowl:  rice noodle salad, Thai Peanut sauce, chicken or pork, tamari dressing, chopped tomato and basil. 9

Korean Bowl: Korean bbq pork, rice, kimchi, edamame, salsa, sour cream and a fried egg. 10 *


Classic Caesar: chopped  romaine, anchovy, asiago cheese, lemon, croutons. 6

Arugula Salad: diced tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic reduction. 6


Mac and Cheese

Cheesy Mac and Cheese   5

Mac and Cheese Special   mkt

Tots and Fries

Oxytotins: tater tots, cheesy sauce, kimchi, braised oxtail, sriracha aioli, fried egg.  10

Tatchos: Tater tots, cheesy sauce, salsa, avocado cream, sour cream, green onion.  8

Add pork or chicken. 2

Poutine: fries, cheese curds, pork and beef

 gravy.  8  Add a fried egg. 1*

Truffle Fries: shoestring fries, truffle oil, asiago, fried basil. 5.5

Side of Fries or Tots 4/ add to a sandwich  2

*eating undercooked foods can kill you.


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Beer, Cider and Wine List


American Brewing Break Away IPA 12 oz. Can 3.00

Fremont Summer Ale 12oz. Can  2.75

Two Beers ISA 12 oz. Can  2.75

Amnesia Dusty Trail Pale Ale 12 oz Can 2.75

Seven Seas Rude Parrot IPA 16 oz. Can  4.75

Hopworks HUB Lager 16oz. Can 4.25

Rainer Tall Boy 16 oz. Can 2.00

Silver City Red 12 oz.  2.75

Bayern Pilsner 12 oz. 2.75

Trumer Pils 12 oz.  2.75

Lagunita Sumpin 12 oz.  2.75

He’Brew Messiah Bold Amber 12 oz. 2.75

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA 12 oz. 4.50

Unita Dubhe Imperial Black IPA 12oz.  3.50

Left hand Milk Stout 12oz. 12 oz. 2.75

Hobgoblin Dark English Ale 12oz. 3.50

Schofferhofer Grapefruit 11.2 oz  2.75

Brasserie Dupont  Farm House Ale 12.7 oz  9.00

Double Mountain The Vaporizer IPA 16.9 oz. 5.75

No-Li Born and Raised IPA  22oz  7.75

Coronado Orange Wit 22oz  7.00

L.Huyghe Delirium Nocturnum 750ml 12.00


Wandering Aengus Bloom Cider 12oz.  5.00

Anthem Cherry Cider 12oz. 4.50

Sixnot High Desert Dry Cider 16.9oz  14.00

Tieton Apricot Cider 16.9oz  12.00

Seattle Semi Sweet Cider 16oz Can 4.25


La Vielle Ferme White/Rose/Red  5 glass

Bottles To Drink Here ($5 corkage fee)

Or Take Home!

Alexandria Nicole Riesling 13.00

La Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc 13.50

Gard Freyja 16.50

Barnard Griffin Chardonnay 12.00

Martinsancho Rueda Verdejo  20.00

Lorinon Rioja 15.25

Quattro Mani Montepulciano 12.00

Padrillos Malbec  12.00

Arnoux & Fils Vacqueyras 19.00

A2 Bohemian Red 26.00


List & Prices are Subject to Change